New-Look Keith Thurman In Search Of Old Welterweight Glory –

New-Look Keith Thurman In Search Of Old Welterweight Glory –


Keith Thurman will carry a new look into his next fight where he plans to fight like the fighter of old.

The decision to chop off his hair—including his trademark ponytail—was something that was in the works for a while but became a part of a plan to start anew and once again conquer the welterweight division in the year ahead.

“It’s something the wife has been putting in my ear for a while. It’s just life, sometimes you just want that fresh start,” Thurman told of the motivation behind his current appearance. “It’s just something new. For me, so many years with long hair and keeping that image—it was just time for a fresh start, new image. That’s what it is. 2020 was bonkers, nobody enjoyed that. New year, new energy. We’re hoping for change to come out. We’re hoping that people understand we’re all in it together. Diversity—all that hatred and racism needs to fly on by.

“This is just a symbol of change. You have to embrace the change. For me, the haircut is just an energetic change and just a physical change, then mentally being able to accept change. Whatever kind of change you going through—no matter what, the change happens. You just have to learn how to live with it. That’s what the hair is all about it.”

Of course, a fresh haircut alone won’t restore past glory for Thurman (29-1, 22KOs), who is still in search of his first fight since a hard-fought